About us

What do we do?
The LAPP, “Laboratório de Políticas Públicas e Programas Sociais” [Public Policy and Social Programs Lab], is a collaborative platform that seeks to gather, organize and simplify the causal evidence on the impact of public policies and social programs that went under rigorous evaluation worldwide. Our collaborators are the ones responsible for feeding the platform with their own readings and/or research, while a team of administrators organizes and simplifies the data.

What problem are we solving?
Evidence-based decision-making is rarely the norm. We believe this is due to:

• Disorganized and diffuse information: public policy and social programs impact evidence it is scattered around academic papers
• Results are communicated in a complex manner: results are often presented in technical language, hampering the comprehension of the general public

Why do we do this?
With LAPP we hope to:
• Disseminate the culture of evidence-based decision-making;
• Incorporate reliable results into a democratic process of public reasoning;
• Contribute to the development and strengthening of public policies;
• Impact the livelihoods of those who need the most;

We share our mission with admirable institutions – such as CLEAR Initiative, 3ie International Initiative for Impact Evaluation, Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy, The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab, Innovations for Poverty Action and Campbell Collaboration.

Who is LAPP for?
LAPP is for anyone interested in potential solutions to policy problems, in particular, the solutions backed by high-quality evidence.

Who we are?
We are a network or researchers that value evidence-based decision-making and prioritizes policy issues with the potential to yield impact for a broad range of civil society actors.